Chevrolet Work Vans Reign Supreme

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Are you looking for the perfect cargo van for your work? Lannan Chevrolet of Lowell shows you why the Chevrolet Express cargo van is your choice.

Ford E Series is Gone

If you're a small business owner in Tewksbury, you might have depended on Ford E series cargo work vans to move around your gear. In a move that has disappointed many small business owners around the country, Ford discontinued this model of van in 2014. If you were looking forward to upgrading your cargo van or your fleet of vans, you will be disappointed at the Ford dealership.

Let the Chevrolet line of Express cargo vans be your new favorite! Chevy Express cargo vans offer up to 314 cubic feet of cargo space, and move up to 4,192 lbs. of cargo at a time. You'll get useful features like Commercial Link, which lets you manage a whole fleet of vehicles through OnStar. You'll even get a cash allowance to help you up-fit your cargo van for whatever purpose you need!

Why Pick the Chevrolet Express

Many small business owners who purchased a Ford E series cargo van or the new Ford Transit van and wagon series have been sorely disappointed. That's because Ford uses aluminum for its body and chassis. When it comes to rugged car and truck bodies, aluminum just can't compare to steel. Aluminum is more flexible than steel, which makes it less durable. It's more likely to collect minor dings and dents that add up to major problems over time, and it's more likely to be crushed or perforated during rough handling or in a collision.

Aluminum also costs far more to repair than steel. The tools and procedures used to repair steel are more expensive and difficult to use, leading most body shops to charge over twice as much in labor for aluminum as they do for steel.

You won't have that problem with a Chevy. The Chevrolet Express van is made of high-strength steel. The durability of its chassis is unparalleled, holding up admirably with minimal damage even over rough terrain. If you've ever been disappointed by your Ford, switch to a Chevy and see the difference!

Get Your Chevrolet Express

If you're ready to invest in a brand new 2017 Chevrolet Express, come see us today for a test drive! You can call Lannan Chevrolet of Lowell at (978) 458-2526 or come see us at 831 Rogers St, Lowell.

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