Come Celebrate with Lannan Chevy of Lowell at the Portuguese Parade!

June 5th, 2015 by

At Lannan Chevrolet of Lowell, we take pride in the community we serve, especially when it involves the celebration of the cultures that surround us. There’s no more exciting time of year for the team at our Chevy dealership in Lowell than summertime, and it’s not because of the cars we sell, it’s because of the memories we gain from the community events in which we take part.

One of the highlights of our month is the annual Portuguese Parade, which is to be held this year on June 10 in the heart of Lowell. The parade is always a spectacular time to gather and simply enjoy the art, music and food which makes Portugal truly unique. We’re not only a sponsor of the event; we’re active participants in the celebration, embracing the lively spirit. Fortunately, the celebrations don’t end there, as we’ll be active for the entirety of June through various events in our community.

In addition to the Portuguese Parade, we also serve as a sponsor of the Portuguese Festival in Boston — which was started by a local friend — as well as a local soccer game at Alumni Field in Lowell on June 14. It doesn’t matter if you want to celebrate culture, community or athletics, as we have a little bit of everything planned out for this summer.

To find out more regarding the events in Lowell and the surrounding communities, contact our staff to see what’s on the horizon. We love having the ability to connect the community we serve in any way we can!

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