How to Pair Your Cellphone with Chevrolet MyLink


Many new Chevrolet models are equipped with Chevrolet MyLink, a color touchscreen display that provides everything at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for directions, contacts, apps, or entertainment, Chevrolet MyLink offers an array of amenities for driving convenience, entertainment, and safety.

You can also connect your smartphone to the app through a USB port or by using Bluetooth. Doing this allows you to access your own music files and smartphone apps for greater connectivity. And for compatible iPhone users, you can even use Siri Eyes Free, which allows you to access Chevrolet MyLink with your voice.

While you have the option of connecting your phone using the USB port, you can cut the cords altogether by pairing your phone using Bluetooth. The following steps teach you just how easy it is to pair your cellphone with Chevrolet MyLink.

Step One: Make sure your mobile device is Bluetooth ready.

To do this, simply make sure that “Bluetooth” is selected on your phone by going into Settings and clicking On.

Step Two: Prepare Chevrolet MyLink for pairing.

On the MyLink screen, press the Phone button. A new screen will appear, and you will then press the Pair Device button. MyLink is now ready to be paired with your mobile device.

Step Three: Prepare mobile device for pairing.

On your mobile device, there will be a heading titled My Devices in the Bluetooth category. “Chevrolet MyLink” will automatically appear in this list. When it does, click on it. A message will appear on your device that contains a pin number.

Step Four: Complete pairing process.

Once the message with the pin number appears on your mobile device, a message with a pin number will also appear on the Chevrolet MyLink screen. Both numbers should match. If they do, click the Yes button on the MyLink screen. Then, click the Pair button on your mobile device. The two systems will then finish pairing.

Once your mobile device has paired with Chevrolet MyLink, you’ll be able to instantly access your mobile device through MyLink once you’re inside your vehicle. If you have any questions on the pairing process, visit Lannan Chevrolet of Lowell.